Game Recap: Pats vs Eagles

The Pats looked good from my bar stool tonight. I thought Shane Vereen looked like a determined runner, Ryan Mallet could have been better but overall I was pleased with his performance and body language. He seems to have the tough skin and short memory that a young QB needs to survive his formative years in the NFL. He also started stepping up into the pocket calmly while searching for targets. That is a crucial step in the development of a young passer.

On the negative side, Marcus Cannon is just simply not an NFL offensive tackle. His kick is awkward and slow. He continues to stand up immediately after the snap and gets beat too easily by very basic attacks. No matter what the Hoodie says, Cannon needs to move inside if he is going to have an NFL career. Vollmer can not get back in the lineup soon enough at right tackle.

Overall I thought the Offensive line was solid. Not exceptional by any standards, but they did form some nice pockets, and open some quality running lanes.

Brandon Bolden looked lost. Has anyone ever explained the concept of a fair catch to him? No. Well, for his sake they should. Actually screw it. Jeff Demps will be handling that soon anyway.

Eagles took it 27-17, but I think the Pats are in good shape starting this crazy 3 games in 10 days stretch.