Is Brian Waters actually not coming back?

There's one little nugget that ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss (best in the business) uncovered from Dante Scarnecchia's chat with reporters yesterday. It might have been a slip on Scarnecchia's part.
Maybe a hint that Brian Waters isn't coming back? When asked about the return of left guard Logan Mankins and right tackle Sebastian Vollmer from the physically unable to perform list, Scarnecchia said: "As much as we can, we're able to get bodies working side by side that hopefully will be working side by side when it's for real in September. We tried to keep Logan with Nate [Solder] and tried to keep Sebastian over there with [Dan] Connolly, and just give them some reps together. I think that's always a good thing. I think the most important thing for their own self-comfort, I guess, is to be able to get out, test themselves and see how everything is working and the mending process is going. It's only a good thing."

It could be something, it could be nothing. However, Scar implies that the group that they have now is the group that they will head into the season with.

This could mean one of three things.

The first being that it means nothing, we're twisting Dante's words and Waters is still coming back.

The second is that Scar knows that Waters isn't coming back and is preparing his team for that. Of course, this is unlikely as if Waters was not coming back it's likely he would have just retired already, or asked to be on another team.

The third, and maybe the most likely, is that the team really isn't sure on Waters. This could be because he is still debating retirement, or maybe he is actually holding out for a contract.

Whatever the case, Dante's comments just raise more questions than answers. Though, what else would you expect from a Patriots coach?