Plaxico Burress to Work Out For Patriots

ESPN Insider Adam Schefter (in my opinion the most reliable source in sports) is reporting that Plaxico Burress will work out for the Patriots on Sunday, August 12. Burress's 13 yard TD reception in Super Bowl 42 finalized the scoreof the game, giving Eli Manning and the New York Giants their first Super Bowl victory over the Patriots.
Burress is most remembered for his
game-winning touchdown
grab in Super Bowl XLII
Last season with the Jets, Plaxico Burress accumulated 612 yards on 45 receptions for 8 touchdowns, a fairly productive season by the standards of many. These stats probably are not completely indicative of the ability Burress still has, as the signal-caller on that Big Apple team is mediocre at best. With a future hall of famer in Tom Brady behind center, and the league's most dynamic skills players, Burress's productivity could be tremendous. On top of that, he'd come at a low price.

Teams clearly aren't rushing to sign Burress, with most recently the Seahawks signing Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards over the veteran wideout. The Patriots have been able to find some gems in unwanted players however, with Danny Woodhead, Wes Welker, and some guy they took a few years ago with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. Burress had two extremely impressive years with the Giants (2006, 2007) and could be poised to return to form if New England does indeed sign him.