Steel Sharpens Steel

The Patriots will be host to New Orleans Saints at practice today. The live scrimmage is expected to be a great pressure release as the chippiness of recent Patriots practices have left the team uneasy. Now they will have fresh faces to beat up.

The Saints have had a terrible offseason, but they looked quite good in their preseason opener in Canton. They will be bringing that live game energy to Foxborough that the Patriots need. And I think the high octane passing game of Drew Brees and his crew will be a nice test for this young defense. We in Patriots nation have high hopes for the resurgence of the D, and regardless of what happens today, they look to be well on their way. This should however provide a litmus test of just where the unit is right now. It will also likely provide a sneak peek into the depth chart for Thursdays preseason opener.

One last thing, admission to see these two football powers tee it up will be free. If you're in Foxborough today there will be no better show in town. I guarantee it.