What can I say, Russians love the Patriots too

Dimitry Solovyev said that hundreds of fellow fans gather in Moscow each week to watch the Patriots play and talk about players. Because of the time difference, the gatherings begin later at night and extend into the early morning.

Why the Patriots and not another team?

"Very good team, best coach and we like Boston," Solovyev said. "In Russia, the Patriots are very popular. We have a website about American football, and a lot of people are fans of the New England Patriots."

As always, an interesting post from Mike Reiss.

So there is a country after all where 80% of the population doesn't despise the team?? Of course we already knew that China loved the Pats and we heard when the Pats went to London in 2009 how much the British liked the Patriots. Russia? That's a new one.

Maybe the Patriots should play a regular season game in Moscow!