Did The Patriots Coaches Make A Glaring Error On Sunday?

Point out the referees all you like. Point out missed plays in the secondary. Point out a lack of pressure on Joe Flacco. But while I was watching the Sunday Night Football clash between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, the Pats' coaching staff seemed to have missed a trick which seemed pretty obvious to me, and to Mike Carlson, the analyst of the game on British TV, and has been overlooked due to the refereeing and the Bill Belichick "push".

Why did the Patriots never go for a 2-point conversion?

Throughout the game, the Pats were up by "two scores". Or in other words, 9 points. It seemed pretty simple to me. Going for a two point conversion was a no lose call. If we make it, we're up by 10, which means that last second field goal would have sent the game to overtime, and not end the game. If we miss it, the Ravens still have to score a touchdown and a field goal to win the game. And Tom Brady from the 2 yard line is nearly a guaranteed score.

These kinds of calls might be the difference between winning and losing. The difference between the No. 1 seed, and the No. 2 seed. The difference between a division title or a wildcard place, or maybe even missing out altogether.

Maybe it was for the best though. The replacement refs at the game probably don't know the new overtime rules.

P.S. Even as a Patriots fan, it was great to see Torrey Smith play and play well despite the tragedy in his family Sunday morning. Some things are bigger than football.

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