Rex Ryan still has Super Bowl hopes

So one story that we haven't talked about too much here is Darrelle Revis' ACL injury. He's done for the year.

As much as we Patriots fans hate Revis, Ryan and the Jets as a whole - it's never good to see someone go down with an injury. It definitely helps the Patriots, but it's not something you root for.

Revis is the Jets' best player, so him going down pretty much kills New York's Super Bowl hopes right? Not so, according to Ryan apparently.

NY Daily News
The Jets coach said he wants to at least wait until after Revis has knee surgery – likely a week or two away – before he would consider putting him on season-ending IR.

“Let’s see what happens when he goes through surgery, said Ryan. “Because if there’s that 0.0002% chance that he can play in the Super Bowl, why would take the option away from him?”

Really? That's the stupidest thing Rex Ryan has said since last month, when he said that his Jets team that scored 1 touchdown in preseason was the best he's ever coached.

First it's dumb because he's still thinking his team can go to the Super Bowl. Sure weirder things have happened, that's fine. What makes this extra dumb is that he thinks that even if they get to the Superbowl, Revis could return. There's no way that he can come back from an ACL and play in February.

I know Logan Mankins played a whole year with one last year, but I mean c'mon. Cutting around the field and keeping up with receivers is a little different than barreling into lineman.

End rant.