So, we got news yesterday that Logan Mankins is going to be out, and of course we got Hernandez out as well. We are going to be dealing with a Connolly-Wendell-Thomas interior O-line against Marcell Dareus (2011 #3 overall pick) and Kyle Williams, two solid D tackles.

Expect to see less Ridley and even more Woodhead shoved down our throats today. The reason for this of course, is that Ridley is a big between the tackles type guy, and they are going to have a tough time winning the battle at the line of scrimmage. This is how the Patriots view it, but I am not sure I completely agree with that. I want to see more of him out of the shotgun in the hurry up offense. I think you want your best players out there as much as possible, and no one can possibly tell me Woodhead is on Ridley's level. I could see the Pats doing a lot of spread offense type stuff and trying to get the ball out quick. But, moving the ball on offense is going to be a serious struggle. On defense, I think we will be fine. Ryan Fitzpatrick is back to his old blowing-dick ways just sitting on the 59 million dollar contract extension he earned off of six weeks of good performance last year.

The defense is solid overall, and if we can keep the big plays down, and force a few turvnovers (which shouldn't be hard considering Fitzpatrick's affinity for throwing the ball to the other team) I think we can win. I know Spiller and Jackson are active, and Spiller has been going off, but the front 7 strength of our defense should be able to neutralize that. Also, I am expecting a bounce back game from Chandler Jones against rookie LT Gordie Glenn (who everyone thought was a RT or G coming out of the draft, except Buffalo).

However, the biggest thing to watch is going to be that interior O-line of the Patriots. When we struggle, it is always because of poor O-line play, so do not expect many points. I know I am banging the under on this game. In all, I think they take the victory in a close low scoring affair. Can't lose to Buffalo, just can't.

CultOfBelichick 9/30/2012 12:12:00 PM Edit

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