Sploooooooooooooj. Now I know what you are all saying, "this doesn't mean anything." Yeah, it doesn't, but it totally does. No limp equals healthy in my book. Nothing you say can convince me otherwise. He is coming back, and the Patriots are finally going to run the 4TE set that I have been having wet dreams about since the offseason when we got Fells and Shiancoe to add to Gronknandez. If you thought we were able to run the ball well last week, I cannot wait to sub out Hooman for Hernandez, and not give teams the option to stay in their base defense (which who-the-fuck-knows why Buffalo refused to go to base when they were getting steamrolled). When you have a line-up of Lloyd, Hernandez, Gronk, Fells, and Ridley/Bolden, teams are just straight up fucked. Ask the Titans. If they stay in the base defense, you split everyone out wide and have Tommy B shred them up. If they go to sub defense (take out a front 7 player and bring in a DB), you line everyone up and run the ball right the fuck down their throats. Goddamit I cannot wait for Hernandez to come back so we can finally see this offense in all its glory. They are about to start steamrolling. Next loss? Fall 2013, bitches.

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CultOfBelichick 10/03/2012 12:19:00 PM Edit

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