Aaron Hernandez out again?

UGH. They just haaaaaad to force him back huh? Couldn't just be patient and wait until after the bye. Of coooooourse. Goddamit. This really pisses me off. I mean I guess I like keeping him at home because those long flights are supposed to really increase inflammation. You always hear stories about guys getting injured, and then their injury BLOWS up on the plane and they have an ankle looking 5 times its normal size. So my guess is that there was likely a little inflammation in that ankle, and didn't want to risk bringing him across the pond and having it blow up. Normally, this is when I would say, of course, just sit him, its the fucking Rams, who cares? But, this year things are a little different. This is as close to a must win game we have seen in the regular season in some time. Bring this team into the bye at 5-3 with a couple weeks to get healthy and get back on track? I think you see a barn storming 7-1 8-0 second half (and yes I know they play the 49ers and Texans). But, if they limp into the bye at 4-4, it may be time to write off Super Bowl hopes.

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