Bets that pay corner (4-1 last week, gettem' while they hot)

So last week my boy Grinda went 4-1. Check out his picks for this week and jump on the train if you want to win some money. We told you we'd have more of a writeup this week, and here it comes

Indianpolis Colts +3.5 v. Tennessee Titans

Watch out for Andrew Luck to tear up the middle of this struggling Titans defense, who lead the league in points against. On a side note, Donald Brown is reported to be back which would be a significant boost for the Colts offense. With that being said, I expect this game to be very close and the defense that makes less mistakes will be the victor. Take the Colts this week, They will not lose by 4 points.

Atlanta Falcons +1 v. Philadelphia Eagles

Falcons +1 this week? This has to be a trap game right? One who bets may tend to believe such a thing but that’s only if they have not seen Mike Vick place this year. Man, what an embarrassment he has been. Yes, he can run, but can he hold on to the ball? NO. Yes, Michael has a strong passing arm, but does he make the accurate pass? No. Well, then he must make some good decisions in the pocket ,Right? False! Falcons roll this week. That is all.

Miami Dolphins+1 v. New York Jets

Similar to my last train of thought, I believe the Dolphins will cover a 1 pt spread on Sunday not due to their impressiveness , but due to the Jets under-achieving ability. The Jets won the first match up of the two in September, but only by 3 pts, & in OT. Ryan Tannehill is getting better every week, as well as an emergence from Reggie Bush leads me to believe this is a strong bet.

Carolina Panthers+9 v. Chicago Bears

It seems this season more so than past seasons that the NFL in terms of teams ability to compete from one week to the next has leveled off quite a bit. There are many ways to look at this, but my perspective is that every year rules & regulations are put forth from the NFL that enhance each teams passing game & adversely render the defensive side of the ball not important. As I see it, elimination of top tier defenses is directly correlated with the outcomes of these games. Doesn’t it seem like when a team’s down in the 4th quarter that there’s a good chance of a phantom pass interference call to get them one last drive? Anyhow, after getting a tad off topic, I am picking the Panthers to cover 9pts this week. Strictly going on how close I believe competition level is this year.

Upset Pick
Browns over Chargers. Money line.