Comments from the other side - 10/7 - Broncos

Great game from the Patriots. I was nervous the whole time that Manning would come back in the end, as he always seems to do. If you read the comments from Broncos fans you would have never known Denver had a chance to win it though. They gave up pretty quickly and were constantly bashing their own players, particularly linebacker Joe Mays. Some of comments even wished that he got injured or suspended. All of the third downs that their defense gave up, its easy to understand their frustration. There are some entertaining comments in here, including some Manning and Tebow comparsions. Enjoy!

Stop their running game and I think Denver has a chance and can take this.

Not watching this game as i know the result before..
Patriots will be winning it...

Cut Thomas

Are you freaking kidding me Thomas? Really? ####! ####! ####!

GOD DAMNIT! THomas can go play for KFC!

I blame Tebow.

Dammit Thomas if you are not dropping passes, you are catching them and putting them on the ground. Dumb****

Gronk begins the game by making our DB's look like b****es.

Manning is chucking it and getting time today!

I thought New England didn't have much of a pass rush...

Mays down after lighting up his own guy. Please keep him on the bench.

Oh great, Joe Mays misses another tackle and now he is dead.

Run D is looking like garbage, not good.

What a worthless team. They are gonna put up 40 on us

NE violating our D's rectum. This is familiar

Harris just burnt to a crisp.

is it me, or do the broncos lead the league in dumbass plays. I wont get over anothert Demaryius fumble. Its those plays that lose games.

You guys sound worse than chiefs fans. Find your balls for ****s sake

It looks like Pats D-lineman are jumping the count getting into neutral zone early? WTH Refs !

Only in ****ing bradyland is that not Neutral Zone Infraction

I hate Belichiat


Joel with the Gronk spike

Tom Brady had the devil in his eyes when we scored.

good drive.. now we get to watch our ****ty ass defense

get harris off welker, he's getting killed.

Allowing 3-10's is just not right.

We're not getting to prettyboy enough. Dominated in the trenches.

This is like a porno movie I bet you can guess who's the male member and who's the female end.

Any defense that has Robert Ayers and Joe Mays starting on one of the worst in the NFL!!!!

I love how they leave gronk wide open

ive never seen an offense run this fast in the NFL...its like Oregon out there.

It is still no excuse. Their offense is winning every conceivable match-up from the L.O.S. down the field. It is pathetic.

Lloyd is owning Champ, and Wes is owning Chris Harris. Our linebackers are nonfactors and blitz brady is getting us killed.

Ridley has 51 yards already,

Relax, this is what we do. We spot them 21 before the half.

Watch welker on this next possession for God's sake. Brady loves to throw it out of his EZ to him from the 1.

Worst possible thing to happen against Broncos..... Patriots get 98 yard drive that consumes all of the clock going into halftime and we have to stew on that during halftime....

I notice our D is being prison raped out there. Did you notice that?

I wonder if anybody wants to cover Welker??

Man these guys are hard to stop.

everytime i watch the broncos play the pats, i wonder how anyone beats them. they are either always on their game, or we are always ****.

Double Welker or put a bounty on his goddamn knee. Just STOP HIM

3rd and 14. What happens here?


This team is pathetic. Always will be.

I hate Joe mays

We suck against good teams... that's just it.

The only player Joe Mays has successfully tackled this game is Von Miller.

Pats offense is so SICK

Joe Mays needs to tear an ACL. I don't care if its classless, I am so sick of his stupid bull****!!!!! No reason he should be in the NFL.

Surprise! Joe Mays allows ANOTHER ****ING FIRST ****ING DOWN

98 yard drive? That makes me puke.

We couldn't do any worse with 10 defenders on the field....just take him out and keep playing. Any half-time adjustment that includes benching him?

I like how everyone is totally overlooking Champ and Harris getting used repeatedly to put this on Mays. Nice. Miller actually is getting a rush but they're getting rid of the ball too quickly for it to matter.

Imagine if Demaryius Thomas wasn't complete garbage. We'd only be down by a field goal at this point.

I guess since we don't have Tebow fumbling anymore that Thomas continued on in his name.

My God look at all those empty seats in that stadium. What a load of fickle fans they have there.

Man watching some bad teams. Why can't we play against them? We get Brady and 2 undefeated teams

Scoring after a defensive stop? The Broncos crave not these things.

Is Riddley leading the league in rushing?

the perfect thing for mays to do would be to just go up and throat punch brady then brady is broken and mays gets suspended for life

3rd and Forever -- We can stop them, right?


A microcosm of this season.

Who wants to make an excuse? What limp dicked ********** wants to tell me that **** is OK?

We're sorry we talked you out of going to the niners peyton. You don't deserve this ****.

Let's recruit some local nuns. They can't do worse than this.

I think what makes this defense terrible is the football IQ they have. They aren't very smart. Stupid is the way to describe them. Try spending less time practicing dance celebrations and learn how to defend.

Why do I see the Brady QB sneak coming and the D doesn't? Do they not look at the tendencies of Tom Brady on the goal-line?

We gave up a 100 yard rushing game to some dude named Riddley

We will never win games against good teams..Manning will not make a difference..If he was..he would have done more Super Bowls ..In fact..our D is worse than what he had in Indy.

Josh McDaniels is ****ting on the Broncos.

Brady spanks Manning yet again.

Manning is terrible. HUGE mistake by Elway to part with Tebow for Manning.

This coaching staff has to go. Cant score because McCoy is hellbent on running the ball against their huge front 7. Del Rio is a joke like Mays. **** this

Which is kind of ironic since the guy they replaced gameplanned and is calling the plays for the Patriots

Everthying is better about the patriots....the broncos are not even in the same zip code with this coaching staff

Are you new to the NFL? The Patriots have got preferential treatment from the refs for the last 10 years. **** the patriots.

I hear a bunch of excuses when I think the real answer is they are just a much much better team than us.

We cant stop the run, cant cover welker, are getting killed in the no-huddle, make sloppy mistakes like fumbling twice in bad situations, can't get a first down, have a coaching staff that can't playcall and do **** all apart from standing there with their mouths open like a pair of retards and our return game even sucks. Other than that, we're not a very good football team.

Normally, one would assume that a sufficient amount of lubrication would be required to be boof'd this hard. But hey learned something new today.

**** you McGahee...

We don't deserve to ****ing be on the field

How badly do you think Manning regrets coming to Denver over AZ? I'm guessing every night.

I don't think Manning has ever been blown out like this before. Welcome to Denver, you were a ****ing idiot to go near us. 5 games in and we've ****ed his legacy up, that is impressive tbh

Can we trade Manning for Luck?

When you get dominated at the LOS you lose the game. We are giving welker and anybody else free releases it's sad watching manning play catch with his little boy in the backyard

Man..this team wakes up only in 4th quarter..

"Want to see some exciting 4th quarter finishes? Then tune in to the Broncos on KOA and listen to Manning and Crew pile on the points in the 4th when it doesn't really matter."


Ok, seriously stop giving me hope.

Von Miller with the strip. Has 5 TFL, 2 sacks and a FF. Wish we could clone him twice for the rest of our LB corp

Manning is garbage time money!!

Well, there goes that. McGahee popped the balloon.

Dude ****s his pants when you need him most. Dont get it.

251 rushing yards? This D is soft up front as was predicted.

Definitely didn't feel as close as it ended. Modern league record for 1st downs given? Nothing to feel good about on defense anywhere. Other than Von maybe.

I'm not seeing a lot of running by teams. Coming into this game they only gave up like 70-80 yards a game. They got blasted today cause they were so worried about Brady passing on them they were on their heels the entire time.