Comments from the Other Side - 9/30 - Buffalo Bills

Comments from the Other Side is back this week! We skipped last week because I doubted any Patriots fans would want to hear Ravens fans gloat. No one on twitter seemed to have a problem with that.

Bills fans were very up and down this game, mostly down. They hated Fitzpatrick one minute, loved him the next, and then went right back to hating him. There were a lot of excuses made as they felt like the referees were giving the Patriots the game by not calling holding on our offensive line.

Overall, it was hard to feel too bad for these Bills fans. They had a lot of hate. They had some pretty awful things to say about Wilfork's wife and at one point were openly rooting for the Bills to injure our players. Anyway, as always with a win, the comments are entertaining. Here they are!


Let's go front four and tight coverage. Giants and others have shown this is the best way to defend Brady

I have no doubts we can move the ball but can we pressure Brady? Let's see a sack and fumble recovery on this drive.

God I hate brady. my waitress is wearing a Brady jersey. I want to punch her in the baby maker.

Yup, we still suck on D vs real teams. :|

Here we go. Just got shredded

anybody think Brady's favorite games of the year are against Buffalo!?

And here come the turnovers.

... I'm hoping this is gonna be one of those great comeback games for the Bills!!!!

All I can say is.......SAME OLD BILLS!!

It'd be great to have a real football team.

Pats d line outplaying ours. So nice to see

The punts have looked good!

3 drives and no points. The Pats D is not that good

If we can't stop the run this is going to be a long, long day...

Brady missed a pass...... hell is freezing over

Soft on both sides of the ball!! We face a division team and now all of a sudden they can't play!! Is it coaching or the players. Same thing with the jets. Replacement oline and the dline still gets their ass handed to them!! Arizona went hard at Brady!! If we can't bring that intensity and be that physical, they need to head to the locker room!!

The Amish noodle strikes again a perfect play action and way underthrown

How many more years do we need to rebuild? Another 20?

if the game plan is to fall behind early, we look like we are carrying it out nicely!

Is maroi williams playing today? New nickname the invisible man.

Honestly, what else do we need to see from Fitz to cut his ass. I'd rather see TJax figure it out. Hell, trade for Flynn. I'm !@#$ing done with this turd. That throw was everything he is. Pathetic

Doest really add up that Brady is the reason to sign Mario, Manning has only lost to the Texans twice in his Indy Career, so if he wasnt a factor against Manning why would anyone think he would be against brady??


!@#$ing toolbag meathead. Eat a dick, Gronk

Dodge enough bullets, you can fire some of your own! Chandler is really becoming a very good player. That catch was phenomenal and Fitz' throw was really good.

Great TD! Fitz is the man, can't think of a bad thing to say about him! :)

NE oline looks dominant, wasn't it a weakness for 3the weeks?

Oooooh man, we are getting so lucky.

holy crap, they should of went for it, now the planets seem to be aligning up for us, yes!

Gostkowski is my favorite Patriot right now!

It's our time!! The tides baby the tides!

Suck on that Spikes! TAKE YOUR NASTY S*** SOMEPLACE ELSE! This is our house!

Tired of people hating on Fitz

time to put a fork in these guys!!!

We'll take that ball Wes, thanks much.


No !@#$ing WAY!!!!

Gosh this team in frustrating.

That is a brutal brutal turnover. Damn. One score game still with pats getting ball. Ugh

Should be 21-7, CJ needs to work on fumbles.

NS, why is Spiller getting goal line carries? Fred is the master of lowering his pads and hitting the tiny crease. Spiller is not.

Is spiller a bust again?

why in Gods name do you put your smaller running back in with a bum shoulder on the goal line when you have Fred Jackson at your disposal...Chan is a moron

typical bills. Gonna be a 35-14 pats win.

Gilmore is having himself a heck of a game. We would have been at least down by 7 if not for him today

Fitz did a great job on that screen double clutching until Freddy freed up… and TD to Jones!!!

Last 2 TD's set up by BIG plays by Fred jackson!!!

I guess our run defense still stinks after all.

I don't know why the pats got away from their game plan earlier but they're getting back to it now and it's working

getting to Brady is priority..not stopping the run. Even if the running game is working the Pats wont stick to it

key to victory now is to get and try to maintain a two score lead, 'cause Brady will be in disecting mode.

The Bills are getting seriously gashed on the ground...Those holes are massive...It's one thing to say we are going to play Nickel vs. Tom Brady on every down...I get that...But no one is winning on the D-Line vs the run...And then it's pick your poison...Because they are moving the ball in HUGE chunks on the ground...Just huge chunks...

Wannestadt has been awful all year.

Dr. Brady is now operating.

Brady running it in, the ultimate insult!

[RE: The Brady and Kraft loving refs are back] yep, liked the replacements better

Brady just said f**& you bi&%%es. Classy guy.

Ridiculous. The difference in this weeks games from the previous weeks is absOlutely huge. Quit crying about average calls when your team is getting it's face kicked in

Pats blatently holding on every offensive play. "Whatever it takes to protect Brady" the officials say. That also includes touchdowns by him that don't exist.

Gotta love the regular refs, screwing us for a TD both a major hold on Kelsay not called on that play and then Brady being down before he crossed the line. The one play the bookies bought.

How can garbage players like Nickovich get sacks but 100 mil guy can't ?

I can't believe I keep getting sucked in by this team.

now even the punter is choking

this is getting old, Patriots just stroll down the field.

Good lord. I'm thinking I should just go mow the lawn.

We all know how this ends... But to be paid as a starting QB in the NFL, how if the !@#$ing world do you miss a wide open Stevie Johnson on 3rd and 17? Fitzgibbons had all the time in the world. The O-line did their job. And he overthrows. That is NOT acceptable.

How many times have we given games back to New England in the past 10 years?

Ahhhhh, here's the real Bills. :)

nice coverage guys, and douchebag Gron gets the TD

Turn out the lights......sorry, but we are getting clobbered now.
No pressure by "vaunted" D Line
No running game
Can't win with the people we have with those facts.

WEAK!!!! That's the definition of this team. We had a chance to be on top of the division, and the truth shows it's ugly face! We are a disgrace of the AFC let alone the AFC East!

Only down by 7 and we have the ball, just need to string some first downs together. we get FJ and his 1-yd runs. And now. FJ fumbles .

Spikes again

It's official. Put this one in the books. Why do I waste my life following this team???

Not that it's easy defending the Pats...Because it's not...But they basically gave us 2 TO's...And outside of that, The Bills D has been pretty awful...If you're expecting Brady and the Pats to give you the game like they did last year, that's a once in a decade type thing...At Home, this D has to make plays to hang with a team this good...And the Bills D is actually doing less than expected...Seriously overrated...

This is the difference between playing the Chiefs and Browns and playing the Patriots.

So, what else to do with my Sundays. Maybe rub hot sauce in my eyes.

Blow it up, move the offense to Canada, the Defense to LA and take Kyle and Mario out back and give them 22 cent solutions.

man patriots with TDs on last 4 drives in a row

I love how teams always set records against the Bills, or when there are highlight reels, it is always vs the bills.

Well, about time for a devastating Bills injury

PItiful. Anyone blaming the refs for this debacle are delusional or idiotic.

How does Spikes continue to get away with his cheap shots?

This franchise is the biggest joke of the nfl. Why do we care if they leave for LA again?

I want to hear the excuses this week after everybody was calling the Bills o line world class and their d line great

How were we up 21-7 again?

The Bills are a minor league team. Or to quote Dennis Green, "the Bills are who we thought they were! "

Bet the Presser will be more entertaining than the 2nd half of this game!

over/under on the number of plays before our next turnover??

just what NE needed to get back on track, How is it we get destroyed by our division every year.

Spikes should get at least a fine for that cheapshot. Probably deserves a suspension.

Another underthrown deep ball by Fitz with a very wide open receiver. Easy pick. And these pats Corners are their weakness, they rarely make plays on the ball. I'm not sure if we can ever get to the playoffs with Fitz. The rules give you plays in the passing game and you need a QB that can take advantage. But this game essentially was lost on the D line. They have been shredded up the gut in the running game, and Brady has had all the time he needs. What a joke and an embarrassment. The Pats are at their most vulnerable in years, we have a 14 point second half lead and piss it away. Fitz gets a D, the RB's get a C-, the d and Wanny get a big F. It looks like two division losses to the Pats, because they will surely be better by midseason. A shot a t 3-1, maybe 4-3 now looks like 3-5 at best.

This is a major reality check for the Bills and their fans. Many people in the media picked the Bills and went out on a limb, but the same old Bills showed up. I don't get it as a fan. Why this continues to happen but obviously this franchise still has major issues. How can you give up 48 points and 42 points against two divisional opponents? This is just sad. This is a sad, sad time to be a Bills fan.

You wonder if Spiller and Jackson came back too early? Both fumbled, Spiller seems to be favoring the shoulder. Biggest disappointment was our D Line's inability to generate any pressure at all


So lets see who we lost on offense today- 4 starters? Urbik, Glenn, Chandler, Jones...not bad for an afternoon

Brady going for the Juggler, nice

I am literally rooting for a Bill to cheap shot a Pat* right now

The game ball goes to? NE offensive line...the supposed weakest line on either side of the ball for both teams

very classy, Mr. Brady and Belichick. Very classy running up the score.

I bet Tom Brady has a small penis

About 4:00 into the game I was wondering if we could hold them under 50
It's gonna be close

Brady showed how to throw the ball to the outside, where only his guy can catch it....Fitz was just horrible.

Running up the score. They better be licking their chops for the game in Foxboro or we need a serious attitude change.

Lmao, idiots on here talking about fitz icing it..lmfao. The running game has done ****! And our defense gave up 45 points in 1.5 quarters. You guys are !@#$ing morons. End of story

31 points scored against us in the 4th quarter. wow.....

We have failed in every facet of the game.

Brady's age, the pats* crap O-line, and their dynasty ending was very much on display today!

well there's 3 hours I'll never get back

Just before the game, one announcer said of the Bills D line

"Probably one of the best defensive lines in the league"

What a joke

After watching this team for 13 years, I think it's time for a new team. I'm sorry, I don't ever see this team winning

My sucky analysis:

Pass rush: Sucked. $200 m for this?
Run D: Sucked, big time. !00-plus yards for each RB.
Pass D: Slightly sucked, let Gronk and Welker run wild, but did force a couple fumbles
QB: Sucked big time, times three. WTF Fitz?
Receivers: Slightly sucked, didn't do anything really
RBs: Didn't suck, but didn't do anything non sucky either
O line: Sucked