As a bonus for Patriots fans, here is a special edition of Comments from the other side for the Jets 34-0 loss to the 49ers yesterday.

Jets fans are dejected right from the beginning, even when the game was still close. The hate for Mark Sanchez is apparent and the calls for Tebow are already there. It also sounded like the Jets stadium was filled with 49er fans. Towards the end of this game the fans were just looking forward to the draft. One funny thing I liked was their sarcastic cheers for Shonn Green gaining three yards.

Jets fans are extremely talkative... so there's a lot here.. Enjoy!

We need to upset the niners today!

I'm looking forward to this game because I think it will show us what sort of coaching staff we have. Can we be competitive with Revis out and no Keller or Hill on offense? This could be a watershed game for the team's top brass.

There are 49er fans in the stadium? I'm not sure the Meadowlands has ever had this kind of concentration of Gay

WOW! Wilson PI on the very first play. Good start.

I wish the replacement refs were back

@RichCimini: Ryan tells Siragusa in pre-game chat that we'll see more of Tebow than usual. Makes sense. SF has allowed league-high 70 yds on QB runs.

Yeah, fuck everyone who said anything would change with the return of the regulars. Bullshit call

Kyle Wilson is going to be a disaster at CB.

Landry our best player on defense

Fans booing TeBlow!

these Tebow up the middle plays are stupid. let him do what he does naturally

greene up the middle! ...for 2

wow Greene gains more then 3

WOW!!! Greene for 5.

Greene bursts through the line!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 2.....

tebow time


holmes was wide open witf is he looking at

Sanchez needs to get rid of the football. If he steps up, and nothing is there air mail it fucking thing.

Mark has such a difficult time reading and throwing the damn ball, # 10 wide open for a first down

What a home field advantage. I see nothing but red in the stands. What a disgrace.

This team SUCKS.

Tannenbaum and Woody have completely destroyed this team with awful contracts and drafting... why would any rational fan pay big money to see this disaster?

Fuck they have a wildcat to.

Their Tebow is better!

of course they're running the wildcat better than us.

ah man, weren't we supposed to be GOOD at stuffing the run???

Absolutely no pressure on the QB. Our DL sucks.

Wilson fucking sucks

Fucking jeez. #WeNeedRevis.

1st and 20....no problem. This defense sucks

manningham is a pussy

Jets can't come to close to Alex smith, and wilson blows. nothing new here.

Don't put in Greene, we need yards!!!!!!

Shonn Greene reminds me of Barry Sanders. Today.

Alot of chants for defense from the 'home' crowd.

Of course now Sanchez is scared shitless so he gets rid of it too early

Every week we see Jets WR's not ready for the ball. WTF?

Malone is our best player

Sanchez with another premature pass before receiver is turned around

Does anybody else find it absolutely dispicable that the home crowd is chanting Defense when the Jets O is on the field?

im trying to figure out who the worst player on our offense is, theres just to many to chose from

I guess Rex's plea for the fans to make a difference this week isn't gonna happen.

I forget what it feels like to get a sack.

Kyle just standing there watching Alex Smith run for a first down...

i swear i hate that moves that Tanny has made the last two years i fucking hate him for it

when did this defense get so shitty

wow 28 yards on an end a round???? u don't even get that in Madden

Pace back in the game...first man to miss a tackle.

Rex Ryan is a defensive mastermind

That's what I was thinking. We have a D that can't generate anything resembling a pass rush, or tackle. Awesome.

David Harris in a commercial about speed? HAHAHAHAHA

If Fios is really "as fast as David Harris," then I think I'll stick with Time Warner.

End of first quarter and the JETS are not losing. Woo Hoo!

Don't we see the option in practice with Tebow? Jets D looks like the've never seen it.

We're being out Tebowed!

Kaepernick. Wow. Fuck this team

This defense has starting sucking almost as much as the offense.

Niners are showing us how to use Tebow. That's considerate of them.

The 49ers have become exactly what the Jets imagine themselves to be.

The Jets like to have Tebow run into the pile and they like to have Greene run into the pile. It's fun stuff.

For what it's worth, I think Jim Harbaugh is a prick, but I may just be feeling irritable at the moment.

How is it possible for this team to look any blander and mediocre?

OH theres teh first pouty face by Sanchez. Hes done til next week.

what a really inventive run game. right up the middle for .5

Fumble. I think he might have been down but we will see.

Hey guys it was a completed pass at least...

ol of course NOW they finally call something semi-imaginiative and it goes to the fiftieth-string TE who promptly drops the ball. Gotta love our coaching staff.

Good we have the softest TE in the NFL on our roster. Dude looked shocked that someone would try to hit him after he caught the ball.

Even the refs know the Jets suck and don't deserve a break

im turning this shit off, we take Sanchez off the field Tebow comes in and we get a turnover, its night and day with these two teams

It's great being torched by a Giants former #3 WR

Smith, dropping his pants, putting on some porn, rubbing one out, getting dressed again and still has enough time to complete a pass.

The 49ers are a shining example that you can win with a ball-control, ground and pound offense. If you have decent talent and a competent coaching staff. The Jets simply are a poorly managed, constructed, and coached team.

I think Rex has lost this team. Their is none of the emotion that was so evident a coupla years back.

49ers are very beatable. Unfortunately, Jets are supremely beatable.

Wow, an actual sack? Who had our last sack, John Abraham?

Two in a row?! That's like a full month's quota.

This is absolutely disgusting I have had season tickets for 15 years and never seen so many opposing fans even for a division game. If they want this place to get loud the jets need to pick it up because we are by ourselves out here

Missed FG and excellent starting position! Wow what a freakin' turn around in the last two minutes.

This just shows the lack of respect the niners have for jets offense.

3rd and 1 and a sack. Awful pass protection. Slauson got blown up.

How long before the d becomes totally wasted picking up this very poor offense. I swear Mark looks so lost and afraid and so undetermined I am getting to the point that I just don't feel he will ever get to that next level.

Wow, was that incredibly stupid. Sanchez deserves to be benched for holding the ball out like a loaf of bread in FG range, if we had anyone to bench him for.

Fumbled in field goal range. SF with a long pass and out of bounds. Watch them make it a 2 score game now. Unbelievable.

Touch Sanchez and he goes down in a heap. Tackle him, and he coughs it up. Im amazed thats just his first of the season.

How can anyone seriously defend Sanchez anymore? I mean really. Know the fuckin situation MARK AND THROW THE FUCKIN BALL AWAY. Fuckin stupid cunt

Ever hear the phrase...'it's so bad it's good'? Well the Jets offense is so bad it skips over good and goes back to bad.

This is what loses you games. You fumble in FG range and then let a shitty pass offense march down the field in about a minute for easy points.

Just 8 months to the draft.

Funny how the commentators always say it's the receiver's fault when Sanchez throws the ball right to a defender with no receiver in the area, it's never Sanchez's fault for yet 'another' miscommunication.

I know that it is not all on Sanchez, but, at some point, we all need to come to the conclusion that he will never be a good NFL QB and that the Jets will never win with him. This should be his final season as QB of the Jets. And if Rexy is unable to make the call that needs to be made for the good of the franchise, then he is welcome to make this his final Jets season as well. However, I would rather see Rex stay and the entire Jets front office overhauled.

Well at least the Patriots are losing.........

I'm watching red zone, it's amazing to watch other teams who know how to tackle a RB.

Tebow tebow tebow

Sanchez is the exact same player he was in year one, and looks the same whether the OC is Schottenheimer or Sparano. The logical conclusion is that he is a below average QB and should not be starting in the NFL.

Guys, the score is 10-0. Relax.

we are still in this game we need to come out hard, not "Sanchez" style with a quick 3 and out before the anoouncers can even show the player's on defense on the bottom of the screen

I hope ya know, if we do get rid of Sanchez, Patriots will pick him up and he will become elite over there.

Bench Sanchez now. That was pathetic.

Did this motherfucker have a screen intercepted?

lol only Sanchez can get that picked off. Is there anyone that has more INT's within five yards of the line of scrimmage?

As much as I effing hate him, maybe it is tebow time

We are awesome at punting!

Missed it! Wow. Kickers suck against us this year.

David Akers is keeping the Jets in the game.

Here comes Sanchez to turn it over again..

akers is gift wrapping this for the jets and they cant get the fucking bow off

Shonn Greene broke a tackle! What is this madness?

Sanchez deserves some boos. Almost threw a pick and then missed an open Holmes.

Alright, this is progress. Jets O has actually made it to the punt.

Malone is the best player on this team, atleast he's consistant

Wilson is getting beat like a housewife in the 20's

Kyle Wilson got beat 3 times.... And he shakes his finger like "No no no you can't do anything". How about you don't get beat, then brag.

How the hell can Wilson be trash talking on an overthrow when the receivers are consistently beating him from the line of scrimmage? If Smith was more accurate he would have given up 3 or 4 TDs this game.

the crowd needs to start chanting Tebow

I wonder what flavor fruit roll up Sanchez's pussy tastes like

Sanchez never looks mad he always has this little bitch look on his face, this is why we traded for Tebow, say what you want about Tebow but the kids got alot of heart and fire behind him and he's a real football player

Tebow !!! Tebow !!!!

And now the defense gives up once they realize Sanchez cant put up 3 points, let alone 11.

Sanchez must have pictures of Rex and Tannenbaum that they really don't want getting out. I otherwise have no explanation for why he is still in this game.

Never thought I'd want to try Tebow, but if Sanchez is going to be under 50% 3 weeks in a row, what the hell. Can't be much worse. Maybe he will provide a spark. This game is over. Give it a shot.

Going on 4th and 1 just a slap in the Jets face. And the Jets take it like a bitch.

Greene for another 3!!!!!!!!!!

Three yards and a cloud of mediocrity.

The most productive plays all game have been with Tebow blocking for Sanchez , they should keep Tebow out there .

Good thing we kept this Wildcat a secret all preseason. Other teams would have laughed their asses off.

I would trade Tebow and Greene for a fucking back up punter.

wtf was that with holmes?

season OVER for HOLMES>

And when the going gets tough there goes Santonio screwing up again.

And now Holmes is prob out for the year. Wow.

top 5 pick here we come

Lost our best defensive player and now maybe our offensive player.

Been a long time since being this embarrassed to be a Jets fan.

Santonio just blew out his own knee so he could escape this disaster.

Am I the only one who was laughing hysterically on that play?

So, the guy is injured and drops the ball and thats a legit turnover? Im not exactly optimistic at the moment. Lets go knicks.

So if Holmes is out our receivers are Kerley and..............uh-oh.

Anybody else hearing lets go niners?

Holmes injury report: hurt feelings - out because of embarrassment

maybe Revis AND Holmes can be back for the superbowl!

The worst part of this is that if Holmes is done for the year it gives Tanny and Rex a free pass for the year.

torn vagina, out for the year

nice job by holmes of handing the ball to the 9ers. thanks alot santonio.

This pathetic team might still be in first place if the Pats win. Unreal.

Even in garbage time we can't get a first down. unreal

"with the first pick in the nfl 2013 draft, the new york jets select..."

Yup, last year we blamed Schotty, might as well pass the buck again.

Everyone knew the Patsies would blow em out in the 2nd half...

I think I like the pain of being a Jets fan. The gnawing feeling of constant doom. Wouldn't know what to do if they actually had a supremely talented team. Damn those 69 Jets. Ruined me for life.

The score could be much more embarrassing. Think of the miss field goals, plus all the times Kyle Wilson got beat.

oh good sanchez is back in. sacked again.

sanchez w/another shitty pass to nobody.

so shitty of a game, FOX just switched to another game, Oh, well I was sick of watching anyways

All I see right now is 2-2 Jets 2-2 Pats 2-2 Bills. You all jumping the boat today are losers. Bills get the niners, Patriots get the Broncos, we get the Texans. Who knows what happens next week but its far from being over.

blocked punt.

It just keeps getting better.

D'Brickashaw looks as bad if not worse than Howard does and Hunter did last year. I have no idea how nobody ever mentions him being so bad? He allowed 9 sacks last year, MORE than Hunter. Yet he makes the Pro Bowl and nobody mentions Brick.

We are looking a straight mess right now. We aren't good at any spot on either side of the ball. At one point we have Tebow,Cumberland,Powell,Schillens, Holmes and Reuter heading to the line. Thats a garbage time line up for the better teams and might not even start on some of the lower middle ones. Our personel stinks. All the same lets go..............a fucking block....really.... goddamn

Good, good, didn't want the special teams showing up the O or D.

I am not jumping the boat, but I am done believing in this coaching staff. I will continue to root for the Jets, and hope they win every week. However, if you are afraid to put in a backup QB for whatever reason down 27, and no hope of winning, when your 1's sucked today then.....Rex has not shown the passion to try and shake things up with personnel, and there are glaring weaknesses. I am done with the coaching staff.

42-21 patriots, talk about a meltdown form the bills, they get blown out next week by the 9ners

Jets signed Tebow to keep him on bench during 34-0 blowout. Talk about throwing money out the window.

Can the whole team be put on waivers?

Niners feel sorry for Jets ha! ha!

Damn, the Niners are TURNING DOWN touchdowns.

Ryan: Most overrated coach in football. No ability to judge talent.

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