Comments from the other side - Rams 10/28

If the Rams fans weren't constantly wishing that Brady got injured, it'd be easy to feel bad for them. At first they blame the refs, but after awhile they just indulge in the booze. This was a good beatdown of an inferior team, maybe the first complete game we've seen from the Patriots all year. The Rams were also ticked off that the Patriots were running up the score. Hey, that's the Patriots way though. Also most of the time the Patriots were running the ball when they had the big lead. If you can't stop that, then don't see what there is to complain about. Anyway, here they are:

My biggest fear is the score will be like 13-10 or 14-14 then the final score ends up being 45-14, Cheaters. I'm hopin for the W, but I'm prepped for the L. If that happens, just get some good ole shots on Pretty Boy. Make him suffer. Because if the Rams can't get the W, you can damn well be sure they'll AVENGE the SB loss.

The rams will win I saw a dream they did last night

BIG PLAY GIVENS!!! Five straight weeks with a 50 yarder!

They made that drive look easy (though Lloyd got away with murder on that Woodhead play)

We need to squat on the dink and dunk routes. And shocking that the Patriots would utilize illegal picks...they're such a stand up team!

True Rams luck, the Rams player who catches a TD gets hurt.

Its honestly not even funny at this point, its like a football god is trolling us...No amendola, a player steps up and now hes gone.

Craig Dahl is really good at making tackles 20 yards down field.

LOL, Craig Dahl late coming over the top...again. Not that Gronk was covered by anyone anyway.....

Whats up with our defense?? playing like poop.

Soo close to that gl stand. God i hate the patriots.

I know they have better "personnel" but I love the Pats offense. I really hate saying that but it's like clockwork.

This game is going to get ugly if we don't figure out that we need to cover their freaking inside receivers. Welker and Gronk are wide open every play.

Its sad that it gets to the point where you have to get excited about an incomplete pass...

So we are gonna let gronk do whatever tf he wants...ok.

Apparently these guys are pretty good at scoring points.

I just hope all the Pats fans suffer for 20+ years once Brady retires..

That looked painful. You don't want Dont'a Hightower falling on top of you.

Refs get their checks from the Patriots.

Hello Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. I told myself I wouldn't drink this season.

Rip 2012 season

**cracks open another beer**

This just in... REFS ARE GARBAGE!!! all game long they have not thrown a flag on time! Give me the replacements back!!!

Yeah...its the refs fault the Rams are losing 35-7

Just wondering why it is necessary to run the no huddle in a game where you can not be stopped on offense and are up by 28? Seriously? Why is it that we have to face these teams after they go through a rough patch and then put it all together against us? (packers, pats)

5 WRS at the goalline when you are up by 28, way to stay classy New England.

Schottenheimer is calling a terrible game. You're down 5 scores to a team that can't defend the deep ball and all you're running is 5-yard routes? Yeesh.

Yeah, it's funny how that one play where they threw it 50 yards worked...but those 9 billion plays where they went 5 yards didn't...

The Rams were ranked 9th in total defense before this schlacking. Not too shabby.

Its ok, we can all take pleasure in the fact that they will never win a SB after spygate.

secretly, Gibson has been drinking with me all game. He has no idea he is a football game.

I want to punch Josh McDaniels.

Great, the Pats keep scoring and i am all out of beer. Can i get some of that wine everyone has been talking about? I can't wait until our bye next week, at least i won't have to worry about drinking myself into oblivion...

Why is Tom Brady on the bench? Now I'm depressed.

Do you think Gronk can make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs?

Pats are a bunch of bullies.