Dennard says Patriots secondary gets lulled to sleep

Boston Herald:
’Honestly, I’m not sure. I kind of say, like, sometimes the quarterback lulls us to sleep,’’ Dennard said. ‘’They do a lot of running, then all of a sudden, they hit you with play-action, and big plays, stuff like that. You’ve got to stay focused out there.’’

No shit sherlock.

But, you know what, props to the rookie for accidentally giving us some honesty here.

All the typical Patriots cliches and generalities in the world couldn't hide the fact that this secondary looks like its asleep sometimes. Actually, most of the time.

Dennard gave up a touchdown to Braylon Edwards, but in his defense, he was probably interfered with on the play (though he was called for the DPI). Dennard has actually been one of the better parts to this secondary as sad as that is. At least he actually broke up a pass against Denver.

Dennard also spoke a little bit about how Belichick's system for defensive backs and Surprise! Its complicated..

“It’s very tough just because you have to stay focused on what you have to do on the field,” Dennard said. “I’m not going to say you have to be focused on [only] one thing. You have to be focused on a lot of things. You have to have your technique on point, mirror the receiver and just know what the receiver is going to do before you go out there.

“I know I messed up a lot on my technique. After watching film, I have a lot of stuff I have to work on.”