In the defense of Brandon Lloyd

I've heard a lot today that Brandon Lloyd has turned out a lot like the Ochocinco deal, a huge bust. Do people not realize that this is what we signed up for?

Lloyd is a huge hit or miss target with a lot of acrobatic ability and speed. However, he isn't going to beat any of the cornerbacks that he faces. He's the number one receiver on the Patriots roster, which means he's going to be facing the number one cornerback on the opposing team.

This past sunday he was targeted 8 times and only hauled in 1 catch. Those aren't stellar numbers by any means. In reality he should have had maybe 4 catches.

But the catches that people are saying he should be catching are not easy by any means. The one that hit him in the chest? Through the hands of Cromartie, easily expected to be batted away or at the worst picked. The sliding catch? Well he's sliding duh that makes it harder. The one that was off his finger tips? A bit too far ahead of him and he should have laid out for it, but didn't.

For a receiver that gave us this gem,

give him time. What he has contributed to this team is far greater than what he has dropped.