New England Patriots Secondary Woes

Well this has to be addressed. The New England Patriots' defense stunk yesterday. Not really anything to be happy with - well except the running defense they contained Marshawn Lynch all game. I gotta focus on this secondary though.

Seattle Seahawks staff and players watched a lot of tape and realized this is a HUGE hole in the New England defense. Russel Wilson threw more than 33% of his passes more than 21 yards... Rookies are not supposed to have that sort of confidence on the field. But when his receivers are that open downfield how can you not. It almost seems that Brian Flores (Patriot's safety coach) and Josh Boyer (Patriot's cornerback coach) addressed the whole "players not looking back at the ball" issue by saying don't cover any receivers at all and let them catch everything over you.

First issue was the Braylon Edwards touchdown. Face-guarding, defensive pass interference, completely off-balance, nothing pretty from #37 Alfonzo Dennard. Now granted, Dennard is a rookie out of Nebraska and he was replacing a very lost and confused Kyle Arrington and Braylon Edwards is an NFL vet but if that's the caliber of play to expect then get of this team. We have issues with veterans (paging Devin McCourty) that the added liabilities are not warranted.

Then the play that made me ready to inflict harm on the first thing in my path, Russel Wilson to Sidney Rice for a bomb and the W. That safety looked like he had a blindfold on. Just completely guessing on that route with no help from his buddy on the other side of the field. It was a poor time for injuries. Those were two rookies back there in a pressure situation and were expected to perform. But that's the sort of expectations BB sets on all of his players across the board. You play your position properly and effectively.

This has been an issue for the Patriots now for the past 3 maybe 4 years. Ty Law says fire everyone. I say fire everyone. Heads will roll. If the Patriots are expected to be contenders year in and year out eventually we need this defense to get their shit together.