No Revis, no problem?

When Darrelle Revis went down for the season.. fine I'll admit it. I was so excited. Listen, I never root for injuries, but when one as significant as that happens, to the team I hate the most? Yeah, I was excited!

However, it hasn't really had the kind of impact I was hoping for. Have the Jets gone in the tubes? Not really, not yet anyway. If the Patriots beat them this week, we might be able to start saying that. At this point the Jets have blown out two teams, squeaked by on a missed field goal on another - and then gotten utterly embarrassed in their losses. Of course, you might not count that Texans loss as embarrassing, but really, everyone in the world knew Sanchez was going to throw a game ending interception.

Anyay, the Jets defense actually hasn't been doing so bad.
He's missed each of the team's previous three games, though the secondary has managed to hold their opponents to an average of just under 211 passing yards per game in his absence...

"First of all, they're kind of a game plan defense, so they attack teams differently depending on what those teams do, so I don't know how they would or wouldn't have attacked them if they had a different combination of players," Belichick said of the Jets playing without Reivs. "But that being said, they basically match (Antonio) Cromartie to the opponent's top receiver, or the guy they want to put him on, and Kyle Wilson has gone opposite of him, and then Ellis Lankster has really taken over as the third corner, although they play a lot of five, six, seven at-times DB personnel groupings depending on the situation, but also the personnel group of the offense out there."

Welker talked about this yesterday. With Randy Moss gone, the Jets would have a tendency to put Revis on Welker - which had a decent amount of success. Cromartie never watched up on Welker, and I don't see that happening. Meaning, Welker will likely get one of the other cornerbacks, of which he has respect for.
Asked if it was a relief not to have to face Revis, Welker replied, “Of course. He’s a great player. But they’ve got guys who are stepping up and doing a great job for them. You’ve just got to make sure you’re running great routes and doing what you need to do to get open.’’

Am I scared of Kyle Wilson shutting down Welker? Nope. In fact the thought of that matchup makes me salivate a little. Anyway...

The Jets have had a pretty decent pass defense so far this year, and honestly, I'd expect that to continue in this game. One player doesn't make a team (Thanks Richard Sherman) so this Jets team will not roll over for Tom Brady because Revis isn't there.

Still, you can look at the three games they played and, obviously, they haven't played an elite quarterback. Alex Smith, Matt Schaub and Andrew Luck. Cromartie did a good job of keeping Reggie Wayne from having a huge day - he had 1 catch for -17 yards at one point late in the game. He'll probably be tasked with doing the same to Brandon Lloyd.

All that aside, I don't think it even matters. Even if Revis was on the field, the key to the Patriots winning is with running the ball. That's true in every game this year.