Umm, in what planet does this make sense? We literally have 4 healthy corners now. Arrington, Dennard, McCourty, and Marquise Cole. Why are we cutting corners? (#punplayyy) Yeah, Moore has had his share of struggles this year, but honestly, who hasn't? At least he is able to freaking turn his head around. I just see no level on which this makes any sense. I really like Moore, and I think he is great as a 4th corner/Special Teams option. Obviously, the team thinks Cole fills that spot better, and I am not sure what they plan on doing with that 5th CB spot. Maybe they were just carrying him until Dennard showed he could play? Not sure, definitely a little mystery here, but it seems like odd timing only a week after putting Dowling on IR. I think one thing this obviously signals is that we will see Chung and Gregory back after the bye barring any major setbacks because you could not do this unless you plan to have McCourty at CB, and not safety. I am definitely saddened by this move, as I was a big fan of Sterling Moore, mainly because of his ball skills in a defense backfield seemingly devoid of them. There could be a tr... no, no trades people, sorry. Bill is not bringing anyone in midseason.

Forgot to put this in the original one, but I give it about a 75% chance he is back this year at some point.

CultOfBelichick 10/31/2012 06:01:00 PM Edit

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