People Realize Gronk and Hernandez Aren't 100% Yet, Right?

There is a story line going around this week that "the Patriots offense isn't what it used to be." Ummm, do people remember what we were saying after Week 1? When we had all our guys healthy and we completely eviscerated the Titans? We were talking about how this was the best offense since 2007, and it may be even better than that, remember? The attention span of our fan base seems to be about 1 week. They COMPLETELY forget about what happened last week, and just focus on what happened this week. They forget that Gronk still isn't 100% from his injury last year. They forget the Hernandez had a terrible ankle sprain just 5 weeks ago. They forget Edelman broke his hand. They forget that Brandon Bolden missed last week with an injury. They forget that Logan Mankins has been plagued by injuries. They forget that Dan Connolly has missed a few games. They forget all of this, and then just see that the offense hasn't been dominant (even though we are number 1 in points scored in the whole NFL).

PEOPLE!!!!!!! Once Gronk and Hernandez are back close to 100% (I'm eyeing Week 10 after the bye) I think you will start to see this offense rolling once again. We all went into this season realizing that this team wasn't going to hit its stride until late in the season and we should stick to that. They spent this whole offseason building this offense around the two TE sets, and their tight ends aren't 100%. Why are we shocked the offense isn't running at 100%? Also, they had a lot in mind for Edelman this season, as he was set to be our number two outside receiver (after Lloyd) and he hasn't been on the field either. Let us take care of St. Louis, go into this bye, and I think you will see a much better offense in time and ready for the playoffs. Yes, the defense is still a sore spot, but with better complimentary football (like not going 3/16 on third down in the 4th quarter), you will start to see some things even out. Anyways, food for thought. The offense will be better, which will make the team better. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick