Peyton Manning only has one bad quarter this year

Peyton has ultimately had one bad quarter this season. Throw out that three-interception first frame in Week 2 against Atlanta, and Manning has completed 92-of-143 passes (64.3 percent) for 1,117 yards (7.81 YPA), and an 8:0 TD-to-INT ratio through four games.

An interesting point here. I think the whole Manning decline storyline is way overblown. As far as analysts go, I'm more inclined to place a higher value on the thoughts people who have formerly been a part of the game - whether a player or GM - than most of the other analysts who serve more of a talking head role.

The latter of that group are the ones pumping the Peyton Manning isn't the same anymore. However, people who have actually played with or against Manning say they don't see much of a difference.

One thing being pointed out is that Manning is that his passes are "Wobbly". I'm not really sure what that means but I know that Tedy Bruschi and Jermaine Wiggins have come out and said that his passes were always like that.

Either way, I don't think anyone was overlooking Peyton Manning for this game, whether he's the Manning from two years ago or not. He's still smart, and the way he's been having success this year has been with short passes anyway.

The Patriots defense could have their hands full here.