Should the Patriots switch back to a 3-4?

A lack of pressure on the quarterback is being partially used to blame the horrible pass defense of the New England Patriots this season. So is the solution to this problem to go back to a 3-4 defense?

Well, if we were to switch back, it would be a case of removing Kyle Love from DT and adding Jermaine Cunningham as the OLB opposite Dont'a Hightower.

You can see the positive in this. Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich are natural pass rushers, and adding Cunningham, who is a DE/OLB to this mix, along with Hightower, a natural OLB, would mean we can send more pressure easily on opposing QB's.

However, I'm not so sure this will work, and I'd like to see the Patriots stick with a 4-3. I seem to be in the minority of thinking this front 7 is pretty awesome. Well, not so much in pass defense, but they've been pretty good at run defense, slowing down guys like Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson + C.J. Spiller and Shonn Greene. And I don't think we can sacrifice the way we stop the run for a bit more pressure on the QB. I also believe we don't have the depth at the linebacker position to make a 3-4 work.

I think it would be a nice idea. I like the thought of Vince Wilfork anchoring the line with guys like Jones and Cunningham flying around the edge, but I think if we want a more stable defensive line, we need Love inside generating pressure. He's very underestimated in the work he does on the line in my view, but he's been a key factor, freeing up holes for guys like Brandon Spikes to attack.

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