So, it looks like the hip troll has struck the Patriots again after previously hitting Mankins and Gronkowski. However, this time I think it is going to be a blessing in disguise for this team. I have been talking a lot this week about the terrible safety play we have been unfortunately stuck with, and throwing Tavon into the fire could be the best thing for this team. Additionally, this injury will likely thrust Nate Ebner into a Nickel or Dime roll. So, he will likely see his first real defensive snaps of the year. This can only help because it is not like Gregory has been playing well (he's been blowing), and being forced into seeing what the young kids can do can only benefit this team. If we find out it is too much for them to handle, so-be-it, playoffs time comes around and we throw McCourty back there like last year if Gregory gets another injury. But, if Wilson comes on strong and seizes the starting position away from Steve Gregory? Oh man, that would be about the biggest boost this team could get at this time. It is currently the biggest question mark among all the positional groups, and having that answered could go a long way towards this team building the type of consistency it needs to get back to the Super Bowl and fucking win this thing. Personally, I am high on Wilson, and cannot wait to see him on the field for the whole game, as he has played very well thus far. Against the Broncos, it could lead to some interesting moments back there with Peyton chucking it the way he has been. However, it is going to be a little trial by fire, and if we accept that, it should be beneficial in the long run.

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CultOfBelichick 10/05/2012 02:41:00 PM Edit

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