Sunday Is Make Or Break For New England

It sounds pretty outrageous to be saying this going into Week 7. But it could be true. I warn you in advance that this would be the worst case scenario. BUT... This game could create a tailspin that would render the season done, and it hinges on the New York Jets coming to town.

The New England Patriots stand at 3-3 (and don't give me the "But we've only lost the games by 4 points" talk, we're 3-3.), as do the Jets, and everyone else in the AFC East. We lose this game, we'll be a game behind on the Jets. Imagine that. Imagine the momentum that would give the Jets. They've got a pretty easy schedule to come (just the Pats again... oh and I hear the Seattle Seahawks are tough to beat on the road.). They can win a lot of those games even without Darelle Revis and Santonio Holmes.

Now from our side. If we can't stop Mark Sanchez on Sunday, with Jeremy Kerley as his main target. I can't even imagine. Pretty much all of Pats nation will just sigh and give up. With games against the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers in the schedule, plus the Sunday Night trip to the Meadowlands ahead, a wild card will be the best we can hope for. All life will be sucked out of this team. We'll probably crash out of the play-offs against the Baltimore Ravens or somewhere. Not pretty for a team who had apparently upgraded from last season where they were AFC Champions.

But then again... We might win. Nothing boosts the Patriots like sticking it to Rex Ryan. Heading into Wembley with a lot of the 80,000-90,000 fans on your side against the St. Louis Rams, and 5-3 doesn't look too bad. Follow that up with Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts at home you're looking at 7-3 going into New York on Thanksgiving weekend. Meanwhile, a despondent Jets will be floundering with Tim Tebow at QB (Sanchez couldn't even throw on our secondary?? TebowTime will come).

Well, these are two extremes. This is what has been going back and forth in my mind all week. All the what if's. Of course, it's more than likely to be somewhere in the middle. Just as long as we win, I'll be happy. The only thing I know for certain is that I'll be a nervous wreck come 9PM BST, awaiting kick off...

I'll more than likely be doing a lot of tweeting on the game Sunday, so check me out @Brendan_Annely.

P.S. Next Sunday will be my first New England Patriots game experience, to see us take on the Rams at Wembley Stadium, London. And ahead of that game, I'll be writing on here to let you know what being an NFL fan across the pond is like. So if you want to know anything at all, drop me a line either on Twitter or in the comments below, and I'll address it next week!