Tom Brady: Clutch Once More?

Everyone recovered from last night? Everyone ready to talk about it? Super.

If you weren't aware, the New England Patriots got a vital win against the New York Jets in overtime yesterday, and the season is back on track. Maybe. We all know it wasn't convincing, but the Patriots came through, unlike never before this season.

So is Tom Brady back to Tom Terrific? Well, when we needed to get it to overtime, Brady marched this team down the field, and Stephen Gostkowski made the field goal to send it to overtime. And then on the opening drive in overtime, we might have got lucky on a flag, but Brady took advantage, got the team into position for a field goal.

Sounds about right for Tom Brady. But still, when we needed a drive with a six point advantage, the Patriots again couldn't get it done. Jets kick a field goal. I think something went wrong on the kick return (*cough* Devin McCourty *cough*), and it nearly costs us the game.

It all could have gone wrong. It was almost another Seattle Seahawks, or another Baltimore Ravens. Luckily, Mark Sanchez isn't too great, and he messed up on a third down. And what is more like Brady and the Patriots than making the most of their opponents errors. You come out in pass defense, we'll run for 100 yards on you. You run base defense, we'll go spread offense.

Even though we won the game, it wasn't the most clutch. I feel Wes Welker wasn't used correctly. On a 3rd and 6 in overtime, who would you rather have as a target than a receiver who is always good for 8-10 yards in the slot? I also think Danny Woodhead was used too much running the ball late on.

But I digress. Brady made the plays he needed to make in order to win the game. And if anyone had doubts about his comeback ability this year, you sure weren't surprised he was able to pull it out on Sunday.

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