Ty Law: "Patriots secondary is worst in the league"

"I don't even know where to begin," Law told Michael Felger on "Patriots Postgame Live." "There's just so many gaps and holes.

Pointing out that Seattle rookie quarterback Russell Wilson connected for seven plays of 20 yards or more, Law said: "This has to be the worst secondary in football right now. They're not learning from their mistakes."

The solution? Law isn't sure. "Either the personnel needs an adjustment or somebody needs to talk to the secondary coach or the defensive back coach because something's got to change."

Felger asked if the Pats' secondary is being coached not to turn and look for the ball while covering receivers, to which Law replied, "If someone is coaching them not to turn for the football, then fire your defensive backs coach."

Hey its getting hard to disagree with him. I'm not really sure what's to blame here. Is it coaching, talent, both? It seems like whoever is back there for the Patriots gets scorched, year after year. Has it gotten to the point where we say fire the defensive backs coach? How has Devin McCourty gone from pro bowler and defensive rookie of the year candidate to all out liability. Why does it seem like our safeties haven't had a clue what to do for the 4 fucking years.

Russell Wilson tore up the Patriots by going deep down the field.

Let me repeat that, Russell fucking Wilson. The guy with the least attempted passes in the league. He made our secondary look like high schoolers.

It's getting ridiculous. It's been years and this problem still exists.