Uh oh, Danny Amendola returns to practice

“We talked about it last week, and he told me that he was going to be out there today doing some stuff, and I was a little surprised,” quarterback Sam Bradford said Wednesday morning on a conference call.

“Just from the initial reports, I thought it was going to be quite a bit longer for him to get back on the field. But any time you get him back out there, I think it brought a whole spark to the whole group today, and just lifted everyone’s spirits seeing him back out there.

“Even though he didn’t do a whole lot, just having him on the field really energized our group.”

Bradford was asked what it would mean to the Rams’ offense to have Amendola return this week.

“It would mean a lot. Obviously, I’ve said it before, a lot of our offense runs through Danny when he’s healthy,” he answered. “You look at the Washington game, when he caught 15 balls, and everything really started with him. There is no doubt that we miss him, but I think in the past couple of weeks, the guys who have had to step up and make plays because he’s not there, I think they’ve done a great job. I look for them to do the same this week. Everyone has really elevated their games since he went down.”

Well, this could suck. Danny Amendola was supposed to be out until mid-November. I think it's unlikely he will play against the Pats this week but if he does, we might be screwed.

Sam Bradford is the best quarterback we've faced in the last couple weeks. Yup, that's right. Russell Wilson, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford - who would you take?

With our porous secondary, I'd expect Bradford to rip up our secondary apart. The only thing holding him back is a lack of quality receivers (not sure how much that will stop him) and a bad offensive line that's given up 21 sacks. If he gains a respectable receiver like Amendola, that's bad news for the Patriots. Though, they fared pretty well against Larry Fitzgerald in Week 2.