Here's Brandon Spikes two forced fumbles from Sunday. This guy has always had the potential to be a beast, it's just a matter of consistency and staying healthy.

Here's what Tedy Bruschi said about Spikes yesterday:

"I've said before that I'm enjoying watching Brandon Spikes play football, but now it's at an all-time level. This guy is a beast. This guy is going to start to get a reputation around the league as one of the hardest hitters in football. He knocked out Spiller to force that fumble on the goal line, and he just about put Fred Jackson to sleep. This guy is the hammer. And I love it....

Spikes is a beast. No, let me put it this way -- Spikes is a monster. Offensive players are going to watch film of him, and opposing running backs are going to be looking to find him before every snap because they're not going to want any of that.

One more thought: I almost see him as a combination of Ted Johnson and Rodney Harrison. He brings the intensity of Rodney Harrison. He'll talk trash in your face, knock you on the ground and let you know about it. But he brings the wood like Ted Johnson. That's a dangerous combination."

Credit to PatriotsLife's Benji for the video

Michael Saver 10/02/2012 02:12:00 PM Edit

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