Will the Patriots play more man coverage after Aqib Talib deal?

Clearly a big move here and step in the right direction for the Patriots ailing defense. Coming off his 4 game suspension this Sunday during the bye week couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Just a typical Belichick low-risk/high-reward type move.

Essentially Talib is a rental player to bolster the roster moving through the 2012-13 season. He is only owed the prorated amount of a $1.28 million contract that is in its final year. Similar to a player like Cory Dillon, he comes with his fare share of off-field problems (assault with a deadly weapon, Aderall) and he will need to fall in line to the "business as usual" moto of the Patriots if he expects to play.

After the new schemes Belichick threw into the mix last week against the Rams, I think Talib is the next step to that path. Look for BB to start switching from zone to more man coverage for the cornerbacks and safeties. Look for a lot of bump coverage to give Chandler Jones and Ninko some more time to get in on the quarterback.

Another thing to note, Sterling Moore has cleared waivers and can be added to practice squads. Potential to bring him back and coach him up? I wouldn't put it out of the picture.