At least two NFL players think Tom Brady is the most overrated guy in the league

Sporting News recently surveyed 103 NFL players asking who they thought was the most overrated player in professional football. To absolutely nobody's surprise Tim Tebow was at the very top of this list pulling in 36 of the 103 votes. That wasn't news to anybody. What was interesting here was that Tom Brady actually received not one, but two votes in the poll.

Listen, I'm not saying that I know more about football than the guys that were in the poll and used Tom Brady's name. These guys are on the field, have played the game more than I've thought about it and are clearly more knowledgeable than I when it comes to football. What I am saying is that they are wrong in this instance. Do Patriots fans overrate Brady? Maybe a little. But in the grand scheme of things there is no doubt he's one of the all-time greats and is still one of the best going at his position.

Maybe there are other explanations for the votes. Maybe those two guys were Tom's Patriot teammates giving him a ribbing. Maybe they were New York Giants players that wanted to further hammer the point home that they think they have Brady's number. Come to think of it, Peyton Manning actually received three votes in the poll as well. These five guys were definitely defensive players who have been in the league for a decade and are sick of getting torched by Brady and Manning. Those who voted for Tebow are simply correct. Those who voted for either of the two first-ballot future-Hall-of-Famers I've mentioned are probably just sore losers.