During his long tenure with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has encountered many Quarterbacks. On Sunday, he'll be coming up against one of the most special prospects to come out of college in the last 12 years.

Rookie QB Andrew Luck is having an amazing year, on the wave of the momentum brought by the rallying force of Chuck Pagano. Combine this with a heavyweight like Tom Brady and an awful pass defense, and we might have one of the more memorable NFL games on our hands.

However, Belichick isn't too bad at beating fresh faced signal callers. Against rookie/inexperienced QB's, his record is 18-7, and he's 1-1 in 2012, after a win against Jake Locker in his first start, and a defeat to Russell Wilson. Let's talk some cold hard football facts! Thanks to www.csnne.com for all information. These are numbers averaged out.

QBs vs Belichick (Overall): 17/30 (57%) - 200 yards - 1 TD - 1 INT 

QBs vs Belichick (in 2012): 20/30 (67%) - 261 yards - 2 TD - 1 INT

Andrew Luck in 2012: 23/40 (57%) - 292 yards - 1 TD - 1 INT

Of course, not everything can be evaluated on stats. Because Luck leads this team like he's a 5 year pro. Of course he's making mistakes, but he seems like a player who will make everyone else around him better. But Belichick seems to know what he's doing around rookies, and pretty much most offenses around the league.

It'll be a case of the players stepping up and making plays. keeping Luck on his toes, not giving him time to make decisions. However, Luck doesn't seem to be the type of quarterback to get flustered with pressure. It's going to be a interesting match up, and one that can reengage the Colts-Patriots rivalry.

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Brendan Annely 11/14/2012 04:25:00 PM Edit

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