Colts get another inspirational visit from Chuck Pagano

The Indianapolis Colts got an inspirational visit from ailing coach Chuck Pagano on Friday, two days before a game at New England.

Pagano "broke his team down" during practice, interim coach Bruce Arians said.

"It was a beautiful moment ... He came and enjoyed a good bunch of sunshine and talked to the guys and it was another beautiful day," Arians said.

Dozens of Indianapolis players have shaved their heads in a show of support for Pagano, who is undergoing treatment for a form of leukemia. Orange, a color used to raise awareness of the disease, is everywhere at the Colts' complex, and Chuckstrong has become a common catchphrase.

Well, you know, I wish Chuck Pagano the best. I hope he recovers as soon as possible.

But from a Patriots perspective, this kind of stuff always scares the hell out of me. I remember before the 2010 Jets playoff game the Jets got an inspirational talk from Dennis Byrd, who had been paralyzed playing for the Jets.

The team brought his jersey out to the coin flip and I knew it was over for the Patriots then. I know there's no logic to it, but I turned out to be right, didn't I?

"It caught everybody by surprise," Reggie Wayne said on Pagano's visit. "That was a great finishing to a great day of practice. Like I said, whenever he is able to address the team, give us a little words of wisdom, it's always a great feeling."

The Colts will likely be pretty fired up to take on the Patriots as underdogs in Gillette Stadium tomorrow.