Devin McCourty to Safety Full Time

NFL Network

The New England Patriots will permanently move Devin McCourty to safety, according to NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi.

The Patriots sent a fourth-round draft pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for cornerback Aqib Talib at Thursday's trade deadline.

Talib instantly becomes the most talented, and most troubled, cornerback on the Patriots' roster. Lombardi believes the Patriots will line Talib over the opponent's No. 2 receiver and double-team the No. 1. That has been the Patriots' tendency with their No. 1 cornerback.

McCourty has some experience at safety from the end of 2011 and played the position last week.

The move to acquire Talib plainly shows the Patriots are all-in for a Super Bowl this season.

Absolutely love this move. McCourty has looked so much better back at Safety this year than he has at cornerback. It definitely seems to be more of his natural position. As I tweeted after the trade happened, I want Dennard and Talib starting at CB, with Wilson and McCourty in the back end. We can bring on Arrington as the slot CB, and bring in either Chung or Gregory in six DB formations. I know Wilson hasn't been GREAT back there, but Chung and Gregory have both just flat out sucked balls. I would rather have Wilson's ball skills back there, and maybe get burned on a seam route here and there, than have Chung back there looking like a moron taking Meriweather Angles. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick