So, Talib finally spoke to the media today, after first being technically available yesterday. And his interview went well. So, let's go through here for some of the most interesting quotes, as well as how I would have followed it up (and Aqib's response).

"So, you guys talked about the present?"
"No, Christmas is far away. I said we didn't talk about the future. Next question."

"So Aqib, what makes you think it is going to be so easy?"
"It's like being the hot girl in Engineering classes"

"OK, Aqib, off the record, describe yourself in one word"

So, yeah. Aqib Talib, he passed the first test. But lets talk about this for a second, can you imagine if they just let me into Gilette how many stories I could break? It's absurd. I know how to ask all the right questions. Get all the right answers. If any Patriots reporters want to know some good questions to ask, you can reach me @CultOfBelichick

CultOfBelichick 11/15/2012 05:49:00 PM Edit

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