I agree with Bedard here. Chandler Jones has been the only player on this team that can generate a pass rush. We all see Ninkovich's strip sacks, etc. Those are great, but what we don't see is the inconsistency there.

Chandler Jones is not going to play in this game, so Belichick will find out what he has behind him. This might (hopefully) force Belichick to blitz more. A strategy that has largely worked out in games against the Rams and Colts.

If he blitzes Sanchez (who he never blitzes) and has success, maybe he'll alter his bend don't break style a little bit and send more pressure in the future.

I don't think that blitzing is the end all be all solution that it's made out be above. As Bedard points out, Bill does it when he feels it is the best way to attack a scheme. Also, when an offensive line seems weak. Belichick looks at the probability is that his pressure will actually get there.

The flip side to that is that teams are completing nearly every pass when they only rush three anyway, so there literally seems to be no downside to blitzing.

It worked against the Colts, it worked against the Rams. Let's hope Belichick keeps trying it more in the future.

The above is another must listen on the state of the Patriots.

Michael Saver 11/21/2012 12:37:00 PM Edit

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