Bill Belichick has long been critiqued for putting anyone and everyone on his injury report. For anything.

Tom Brady was always regularly listed as "Probable" with a shoulder injury.

If there's anything you could ever take from a Patriots injury report, is that there usually was not a whole lot to take from it.

John Harbaugh of the Ravens was recently fined for not putting Ed Reed on the injury report, after he told reporters something hurt. When asked about the injury report he went on a tirade about how little value it has.

Baltimore Sun:
Harbaugh said that from now on, he’ll follow the lead of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick who is known for his extensive injury reports, and for weekly including players that haven’t missed any practice time.

“Bill figured it out way before the rest of us did. His injury report is that long. It’s been that way for years,” Harbaugh said. “We tried to do it the other way and be straightforward with our injury report and we got fined for it. So we’re moving on.”

There really isn't a value to the injury report other than, let's face it, fantasy football. When you list a player on the report you are letting the other team know that he is injured, and where he is injured. Most players, and coaches, don't like that. It's a disadvantage.

Sure it lets you know that maybe you should think of benching so and so in fantasy but that's really all there is to it.

Harbaugh gripes about the language in the Injury Report Rule, saying it says to especially list "significant" players. Yeah, I think that probably means ones with fantasy implications.

John Harbaugh has every right to be pissed about the injury report rules. And he's right, Belichick been doing it right all along by disrespecting the hell out of it.

Michael Saver 11/02/2012 03:23:00 PM Edit

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