New York Post makes fun of Bill Belichick, gets overconfident for the Jets

This is so stupid. First of all, what gives the New York Post even the slightest bit of confidence that the 4-6 Jets now have a cozy match up against the 7-3 New England Patriots?

Yeah, Rob Gronkowski won't be playing but it's looking like Aaron Hernandez will. Tom Brady is still under center and the Patriots have Wes Welker and Stevan Ridley as their other two top weapons. Even without Gronk, that's way more on offense than the Jets have.

Also, the criticism of Belichick for leaving Gronkowski in for the extra point is just plain dumb at this point. There was no one else to put out there. You only have so many players, as Belichick says. Besides, he had already benched Gronkowski on offense for the game.

I guess when the Jets aren't trash talking, the New York media will look to do it themselves.

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