Stevie Johnson says Patriots better than the Texans

According to Stevie Johnson, WR for the Buffalo Bills they are.

"I'm just going to have to say the Patriots... Because in the first quarter of that game [Against Houston], I was feeling pretty good about it. But then I ended up getting the thigh injury, and I really couldn't do too much. And I played the game against the Patriots with pretty much no injury, and they still put a whooping on us. So I'm just going to give the nod to the New England Patriots.

Now... I know Stevie Johnson thinks he's a really good receiver and all. But he is on the Bills. His quarter back is Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick. Also, Stevie does stuff like this:

Stevie Johnson is an impact player on the field. But if you make sure he is covered, then he'll put himself out of the game. Plus the Bills are focusing on their new running game between C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

I can't take his comments seriously, but the Patriots are seriously right up there with the Texans.