Colts fans are awful people. I shouldn't say that. The Colts fans that leaves comments on the internet are awful people. I've never seen so much bitterness and hate from a fanbase. "Faggot" was tossed around an awful lot. I know Colts fans and know that they aren't all like this but seriously, some of these people need to calm down.

Other than that, I truly enjoyed the Colts fans comments. Especially the parts where they expressed their hate for both Sergio Brown and Darius Butler (two former Patriots that were cut for just being terrible).

Top Three:

How the **** hasnt Fatfork died from a bacon overdose?

They should play the Loony Tunes theme everytime our ST is on the field.

As ugly as this is, I hope Luck doesn't get too much flack, Peyton had much worse days in Foxboro than this.

Best enjoyed with a side of hindsight

The way this game is going I think that missed FG may come back to haunt the Pats.

Full Slate:

Eat a dick brady . Go Colts.

I just hope this doesn't get ugly

I ****ing HATE the Patriots. Just thought I'd throw that out there...

Cant wait to get to the point in this game where the Pats defense starts over-performing.........

Lol 40yd pi penalty!Touchdown CARTER!!!! Eat an early dick Pats!

Chicks look so ugly with pats gear on

Well the defense didn't come to play...

I fu**ing hate brady, what a bitch and gronk is a retard

Chandler Jones: "How long am I supposed to stay down here?"
Staff: "Just keep talking to us while I touch your leg then you will walk just fine to the bench."

This is bull ****. The league needs to punish teams when their players fake injury. Ridiculous.

Vagina's are fragile things.

Terrible ****ing tackle Butler...........

What should've been a tackle for a loss turns into a 14 yard gain. This is gonna be a long night.

Butler got embarrassed.

We are going to have to score on every possession and hope the NE offense makes a mistake or two.

Thats the football Gods laughing. They shouldn't have boo'd Vin.

He missed it. HAHAHAHAHA I thought he was clutch.

The way this game is going I think that missed FG may come back to haunt the Pats.

How the **** hasnt Fatfork died from a bacon overdose?

Really guys? You let that huge ****ing tool score like that?! Weak ass ****

Edelman is a huge punkass bitch on top of it all.... uuuuuuuggggghhhhhh

Never seen a team with so many faggots... Brady must be so happy.

Sergio Brown and Darius Butler are ****ing us in this game.

Ummmmmmmm. There went my hopes for this game. Way to makes ****ty players look like all stars

It's one thing to get beat by a team that outplays you. It's quite another to hand it to them on a silver platter.

Aw, this is a freakin' pinball game...the Patsies almost always win those.

Alright Luck that is your one rookie mistake for the game.

Well, Brady's had a nice 30 minute rest while the Pats D and ST generated 14 pts.

I would pay to see Allen do a running clotheline on Brady.

Doncha just love Brady's Pompom hat?

Good lord. They must be averaging 10 yards per play.

On the road. Rookie QB. Mighty Cheatertots. We are in this game. I can ask no more at this point. OK, I can ask the defense to make a few more plays, but not many have done so in the second half against the Cheats. We'll see.

And Gronkowski! The guy seems indefensible. (undefensible?)

i can tackle better then butler

Best thing is Vaughn, Butler, Bethea, and whoever else should be gone before 2013 seson.

Nice job allowing the onside slant. Whatever you do don't impede his progress at the snap.

Wilfork is pretty athletic for being a fatty.

Wow, they held them to only one first down. Solid job defense.

Holy fk someone jumped a route. I just **** my pants.

Sheesh, at this point I'd rather see them fair catch everything.

They should play the Loony Tunes theme everytime our ST is on the field.

Ridiculous. The wheels have come off the train. Just one error after another in every phase in this game.

I wonder if we should cover that big lebowski guy?

so easy, no pass rush the whole game whatsoever. brady standing like a bitch with all day to throw to his other bitch

Well, there are lots of teaching points when they all look at the tape. I never assumed we'd win, and I didn't think the Pats would embarrass us. BUT - I never thought we'd embarrass ourselves like this.

It's also a ****en joke that we are playing the Pats on the road for a third straight year. **** you NFL

They played in Indy for several years straight. It has alternated like that.

Damn, two pick 6s for Luck. That....sucks.

This is getting painful to watch.

that little fag brady and his hat..

well all i know is **** the cheats and all that represents them

Wow - they crammed all this pathetic performance into only 3 quarters that seemed much longer than that. Not sure I can take a 4th.

Hilton has some major flaws but shows some serious promise at the same time. Dude needs to be handcuffed to Reggie Wayne and watch Wayne game tape all day long, eat what Wayne eats, drink what Wayne drinks and let Wayne bang his wife while he watches and learns from the fn master how to be a WR.

Somebody needs to knock Brady on his ass just to shut that mother****er up.

Can't believe the NFL moved this game to the later time.....

Pissed off. That ****ing punt return started it all. It's the little things that kill you. **** you Sergio Brown. Kill yourself. I hope he gets cut.

I hope the time comes when the Colts (or any team for that matter) will put up 70-80 points against that f.... Belichick !!!!!!

**** I hate this team (ne)....they just plug and play guys...both G's are backups and he still has tons of time back there.

Typical McDaniels/Brady running up the score. Wait till one of the offensive stars has a serious injury on a 30 yard bomb in the 4th quarter when they're up by 3 scores. It will happen, just a matter of time when it does.

It's almost impossible NOT to score on us right now. Edelman end around for 41 yards, dude. We are making him look like a white Percy fn Harvin today. Without the damn migraines.

Really Brady ??? You call a timeout with a 52-24 lead and 4 minutes to play in the game ??? You're a c *nt, Brady. Just like your head coach.

Stay classy New England !!

Can't be mad at NE...we can't stop them so crying isn't allowed...by the D...not us

What a total butt kicking. Talk about crashing back down to earth. Embarrassing.

[On Gronk injury:]

Karma is a bitch....

It may have happened when he and Brady were in the shower alone.

No that was a broken foreskin.

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