The many ways that Aqib Talib earned his bad reputation

Well Belichick gave up a fourth rounder for the guy. It's obvious he saw an issue and decided to deal with it in a very un-Belichick manner, by making a big trade deadline deal.

The Patriots secondary could sure use all the help it can get. I for one am extremely excited about this. It shows that the Patriots were as desperate as the fans in wanting a fix for this secondary. Of course, the Bucs wouldn't have parted with Talib if there weren't a reason.

I'm all in favor of this move, but make no mistake. This is not a low-risk, high-reward transaction. There's a decent amount of risk here.

So, just how many times has Talib gotten into trouble?

2008- Gets into a fight with his teammate at the rookie symposium. Where they teach you not to fight with your teammates.
2009- Suspended by the NFL for beating a cab driver. He was charged with resisting arrest without violence and simple battery.
2009- Hits a teammate with his helmet, resulting in a facial laceration.
2009- Blows curfew in London after losing to New England and curses out Coach Raheem Morris when confronted about it.
2010- Almost gets in a fight with an official over a call. Tells him, "I'll (hit) you in your fucking mouth."
2011- Charged for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Charges were dropped and accuser found unreliable.
2012- He was suspended four games by the NFL for using Adderall.

So, all those bad things aside. Isn't this exactly what this Patriots team has needed?

How many times have I heard that the Patriots miss someone like Rodney Harrison back there? This team needs someone tough, aggressive and maybe a little crazy roaming the back of the field. They need some attitude in the secondary and that is exactly what Talib brings.

Will it work out? Who cares. It's worth a shot.