The Patriots won't bother to fully practice this week

The Patriots didn't practice yesterday, and they just held a walkthrough today.
Meaning, they will head into the game without actually having a full pads practice. The team will travel to New York tomorrow.

Logan Mankins, Rob Gronkowski and Chandler Jones did not participate in today's walkthrough or yesterday's hypothetical practice. Don't expect any of them to play.

It's probably a good call with a team as beat up as the Patriots though. Thankfully, the Jets are a familiar team so they won't be dramatically different than they were a few weeks ago or the last three years.

Of course, the Patriots won't be able to do things offensively as they are accustomed to with Gronkowski out, so the lack of practice might turn out to be a detriment there.

It's going to require extra focus from the players to be prepared for this game. They'll have to take advantage of every second they have to prepare.

"Hopefully everyone is spending their time wisely," Tom Brady said today. "Not playing video games and stuff like that."


I guess it's fitting that the secondary players are the ones not putting the extra work in.