Tom Brady is awesome at not throwing interceptions

One of the best things about Tom Brady being your team's quarterback is, he doesn't turn the ball over very often.

So far this year, Tom Brady has thrown 421 passes and only three have been intercepted. That means only 0.7% of his throws go to the other team. That's an insane number.

For comparison's sake. Let's look at some of the league's other top quarterbacks this year:

1. Tom Brady. 3 interceptions, 421 attempts. 0.7%

2. Aaron Rodgers. 7 interceptions, 379 attempts. 1.8%.

3. Peyton Manning. 8 interceptions, 409 attempts. 2.0%

4. Eli Manning. 11 interceptions, 394 attempts. 2.8%

5. Drew Brees. 16 interceptions, 492 attempts. 3.3%

Brady hasn't thrown an interception in five straight games since throwing two in Seattle. It's a feat that reminds you of his 2010 season, in which he threw 492 total passes but only four interceptions. A 0.8% interception rate.

Now, Brady is obviously on track to throw for more passes this year than in 2010, so logic would suggest he's likely to throw one or two more interceptions before the season is through. Still, a telling stat is that Tom Brady is the only player in the league right now to throw only three or under interceptions with over 183 passing attempts (Kevin Kolb being the guy that three INTs in that many attempts). Meaning? The guys that have thrown as little interceptions as Brady have thrown nowhere near the number of passes.

Brady's pass attempts are down this year, though still higher than 2010. Last year he threw an insane 622 times but was intercepted 12 times, 2.0%. Despite that, Brady still ranks above his peers in turning the ball over.

The case could be made that some of the above quarterbacks aren't having their best years in 2012. Some, like Drew Brees, are dealing with circumstances like missing their coach. Let's look at interception rate over the last three years and see how Tom Brady ranked.

2010, 2011, 2012 (through 11 games):

1. Tom Brady. 19 interceptions, 1,524 attempts. 1.3%

2. Aaron Rodgers. 24 interceptions, 1,356 attempts. 1.8%

3. Peyton Manning. 25 interceptions, 1088 attempts. 2.3% (missed 2011)

4. Drew Brees. 52 interceptions, 1,807 attempts. 2.9%

5. Eli Manning. 56 interceptions, 1,522 attempts. 3.7%

One thing Patriots fans might appreciate about the above is that Brady threw for 37 less interceptions than Eli Manning the past three years despite attempting only two more passes.

Also, Peyton Manning has thrown more interceptions in two years than both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers threw in three.

The most important part of being a quarterback, is probably avoiding interceptions. When you turn the ball over, you kill your team. Tom Brady's ability to avoid the other team has undoubtedly played a huge factor in the success of the Patriots the past few years.