Tom Brady is never satisfied

If there were ever any doubt why Patriots head coach Bill Belichick loves his quarterback, Tom Brady's comments after dominating offensive performances would certainly sway that hypothetical uncertainty. Maybe this is something he learned from Belichick himself, as the "always need to improve" mentality is definitely Belichickian, but Brady just never lets an iota of satisfaction show through his words.

In an anticipated showdown Sunday between two AFC teams with winning records, Brady's Patriots preceded to tie the franchise record for points scored in a game as Tom Terrific threw for 331 yards with three touchdowns on his way to a 59-24 win over the much improved Indianapolis Colts. This, however, was not satisfactory in the mind of the former MVP during his post-game press conference.

"I think we’re trying to make improvements," Brady said. "I don't think we're anywhere [near] where we need to be at this point.

I suppose an argument could be made that the offense wasn't responsible for all 59 points since there were touchdowns scored by the Patriot defense and special teams as well, but you'd think a guy could toot his own horn a little after a rout like Sunday.

As far as places where Brady could be referring to improvements needing to be made, I suppose it could be noted that Brady connected with receivers on 24 of his 35 passing attempts rather than all 35.

"I thought I missed a few other opportunities where I could have had them," Brady said of his receivers.

Yeah, Tom. 11 of them. What were you even doing out there? You better be better than that if you're going to beat the 4-6 Jets Thursday night.

"It’s a short week, quick turnaround, so we’ve got to get started on the Jets."


Of course, if Brady is ever willing to let any sort of kudos slip through during media availability, it will quickly be redirected from him to his offensive line and receivers.

"It was a great effort. I think it starts with those guys. When they play well, we play well. The way they were blocking up front in the run game and the pass game, I was able to make my reads, make my throws, and our receivers were doing a great job getting open."

As far as fans or the media are concerned, we'll probably never know if Brady has ever given himself a pat on the back literally, verbally or even mentally. Who knows, maybe when he gets home he's laughing and bragging to his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen and her rich fashion crowd. Maybe he is cursing himself out for his 11 incompletions like he would Julian Edelman during a game, despite the fact that Brady hasn't thrown an interception since Week 6 in Seattle.

Whatever the case may be, Tom Brady will continue to be anything but publicly satisfied.