Yeah, Sunday sucked. But honestly, who is there to be scared of?

So, yeah, Sunday reaffirmed a lot of our hatred and disappointment about this defense. BUT, we hated them just as much last year, and they still managed to take us to the Super Bowl and we were one shitty Tom Brady pass to Welker away from winning it. Plus, honestly, who in the NFL scares you right now?

Baltimore? Uh, there defense is old and no longer any good. Their offense doesn't give the ball to Ray Rice enough, and Joe Flacco is not consistent, or good, enough to take down real QBs in the playoffs. Pittsburgh? This team has come on recently, and before last night, I would have listed them as a team I was afraid of. But, after that stinker they put up against KC (the worst team in the last few years) combined with Big Ben potentially having a separated shoulder and being out for a few weeks, they no longer worry me. Houston? Eh. Schaub doesn't scare me. That defense has seriously cooled off. Watt was playing like a monster, but he has come back to earth. They do not have a team that can come back. They have one of the lightest lines in the league that was specifically designed for their zone run-blocking scheme that emphasizes quickness over bulk, and they are not that great in pass blocking. They just aren't. You get up a TD on them in the playoffs? It's over. Denver? We already stomped them. For whatever reason, we have Denver's number. They are probably the most even team out there with a superstar QB, but for whatever reason, we rape them. Not scared.

So, let's take it to fakest, most overratedly deep league I can remember in sports. The NFC IS SO DEEP THIS YEAR!!! THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD TEAMS!! NO WAY AN AFC TEAM WINS THE SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR!!! Ummm, okay national media, blow me. Atlanta? Fakest of all the NFC fake teams. They haven't won SHIT. Their defense is suspect. Their run game is horrific. Matt Ryan is the biggest joke of an MVP candidate I've seen in years. They went 8-0 on smoke and mirrors and got exposed by the Saints. Oh, and did I mention their coach is Mike Smith? Yeah. Enough said. Well, what about San Fransisco? Alex. Smith. NEXT. -New Orleans? 4-5? No Sean Payton? Ehhhhh, not scared. They are definitely coming on, and with Drew Brees, if they got hot, there is always a chance, but I just don't see them overcoming that record and squeaking into the playoffs. Even if they do, I think they are a very similar team to the Patriots, just worse. I take Brady over Brees. Pats' running game over Saints'. Pats' D over Saints D'. BARELY in all cases, but I still take us. Not scurred. Well yeah, but... Green Bay? Green Bay is where you can maybe start to convince me, but I think that offense is fatally flawed. They have negative running game and it's because they have a terrible offensive line. YOU CAN NOT WIN IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH AN SEC-LEVEL LINE. Sorry, you can't do it. You just cannot win the title with this hodgepodge bullshit offensive line they have. So, then you guys know who is left....

New York Giants? Scurred as fuck. Forever and always.

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