I like the Greg Schiano kickoff removal plan and I'm not ashamed to admit it

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NFL commissioner Roger Godell told Time Magazine about a proposal to eliminate kickoffs and said the idea was brought up by Schiano, who is in his first season with the Bucs.

Rather than kicking off, a team would get the ball at its own 30-yard line and face a fourth-and-15 situation. The team could punt or go for it. If a team went for it and failed, the opponent would be in excellent field position.
So yeah, that's the proposition, and I for one am all for it. And personally, I don't give two shits about the safety factor.

I watch football to watch people kill each other; they are modern day gladiators and they're gonna get hurt. That's why they get paid the muthafuckin big bucks.

So, Cult, you may ask, why do you like the rule? Because it's the fucking tits, that's why. Can you imagine being down 10 points with 2 minutes left and the ball on your own 20 and having a legitimate shot to win, or at least tie it? You march it down, score a TD with some time left. And instead of going to attempt an onside kick that works like, what? One out of a hundred times, if that? Instead of that, you get the ball on your own thirty with one chance to gain 15 yards. Yeah, the percentages are still low, but they aren't that low. AND, once you complete that, you are at midfield and only need one more 15 yarder to get into field goal range. Boom, 10 points made up as fast as you can imagine.

Now, you may say, but then teams are just always going to keep the ball. Ummm, no. They won't. They are going to punt the majority of the times. But, you say, you like the electricity of the kickoff returns. Honestly, so DID I. Until they moved the ball up and it's a touch back like 75% of the fucking time. It is a goddamn waste of my time every time the go commercial/kickoff-touch back/commercial. It is literally the bane of my existence  FUCK touch backs. They can suck my dick.

Anything to get this waste of a play out of the league, I am for. ESPECIALLY when it is a proposition that makes it so that no matter how down your team is, you always have a chance to come back because you can keep the ball away from your opponent. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, tradition, tradition, tradition." Well if you wanna get traditional, let's ban the fucking forward pass again. How about that? "But TRADITION!!!!!!" Shut up, you suck.

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