Sunday Night Football will be an epic encounter between the New England Patriots number one ranked offense, and the San Francisco 49ers number two ranked defense. However, just because you have the best defense in the NFL, doesn't mean you have all the answers.

When asked about how he can stop Tom Brady and his offense, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh admitted he didn't have the answers.
"Well we'd sure like to find the answer to that," he said. "And then implement it. But it's really difficult. They're tough to do that against."
And, just like last weeks game against the Houston Texans, the build up to this one is becoming a bit of a love fest.
"[They have a] really good scheme, really good play-calling and then great individual effort at each position," Harbaugh said. "[And] great ability they have to play as a team. So, you could talk for hours about how good they are."
 Well, to be fair, I could talk for hours about how good the Patriots offense is...

But, more to the point, it just shows how good the Pats are. Brady has talked about how he started preparing for this game after they beat the New York Jets on Thanksgiving. And it must be a miserable week for defensive coordinators. The Pats would be hard enough to prepare for if they kept the same scheme week to week, but they change everything every week.

There's a reason the Patriots are the number one offense. The Texans didn't have the answer. Will San Fran?

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Brendan Annely 12/13/2012 06:52:00 PM Edit

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