I want to see the fire from Brady regardless of the opponent
Each week there is a new gameplan, a new formula for victory. Each week certain aspects of the game just loom larger than the rest. The idea is not to divine the course of the contest, but to highlight the match-ups and intangibles that I'll have my eye on during the broadcast.

1. A Pissed-Off Brady - I have always thought that Tom Brady has played best when the critics are loudest. Unfortunately, he also plays his worst when the critics call him invincible. A pissed off Brady is the kind of QB you want heading into the playoffs. This week is a tune up, but last week's loss should give Brady enough motivation to go into silent assassin mode. This is going to be a statement, a warning to the #2 seed Broncos and a reminder to the #1 Texans.

2. Two Deep Safeties - The Jaguars can't run the ball without Maurice Jones-Drew. He's been out for eight games and he's still the team's leading rusher. The Jaguars like to go deep because they can't sustain drives very well. Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon should get safety help at all times. Our front-7 (and 6 when in Nickel) need to be able to stop the run without much help. This will afford us the coverage to thwart the deep passes.

3. Run It 35+ Times
- The Jaguars can't stop the run to save their lives. The talent just isn't there along the front-7. As long as we block Paul Posluszny, our RBs should be able to carry the load. Although The Jaguars don't bring a lot of pressure, we need to take the burden off Brady to keep him healthy and rested. Also, if the running game is working, we might be able to bring in Ryan Mallett to protect the lead.

4. Hit Henne Hard - Chad Henne is not a very accurate QB, and much of that has to do with the Jaguars reliance on the deep passing game. It is hard enough to complete deep passes, but Henne isn't getting much help from play-action or his O-line. We need to get to Henne early and often to make him jumpy. He won't beat us with checkdowns. If we cover deep and get pressure on the QB, the Jaguars offense will be dead in the water.

5. Mistake-Free Football
- Last week, we showed a national audience how poorly we can play. We also showed how perfect we could play. In the film room, the Patriots got to see every miscue great or small that cost them a winnable game. Against a much weaker opponent, the need to play mistake free football might be less of a priority to win the game. Still, this is not about the Jaguars, this is about proving it to ourselves. We need to start putting full 60 minute efforts together or we won't go very far in the post-season.

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Jeremy Lessard 12/22/2012 06:01:00 PM Edit

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