Rex Ryan says if he had Tom Brady, he'd be happy

If you were to have told me back in 2009, when Rex Ryan took over the Jets, that the Jets would be where they were right now, I would've died laughing.

When Ryan first came to New York, he was full of boasts. From saying that Sanchez would have rings on his fingers one day to claiming his team was going to win the Superbowl every year. One of the first things Ryan ever said to the New York media as coach was that he wasn't going to kiss Belichick's Superbowl rings.

Now where are the Jets?

"I'll be honest with you," Ryan said today. "If we had Tom Brady, I'd be happy with that. We don't."

Mark Sanchez has been officially benched for Greg McElroy. Sancez has 12 fumbles and 17 interceptions on the year, and coming off his worst game of the year against Tennessee (four INTs) he deserved it.

Next, the Jets also have Tim Tebow who is reportedly frustrated with the fact that he hasn't been chosen as the starter to replace Sanchez. Apparently he feels he was misled by the Jets and will ask for a trade or release. Who can blame him?

The Jets will miss the playoffs for a second straight year and the entire team seems to be in turmoil. Both the jobs of Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum are at stake while rumors swirl the Jets will try to move Mark Sanchez, the quarterback they moved up to #5 to select. That same quarterback they owe over $8 million guaranteed next year.

A trade? Highly unlikely? A release? Maybe a little more likely. One more year of awful quarterbacking in New York? A real possibility.

Meanwhile the Patriots clinched another AFC East title and look to go on yet another Superbowl run. Ho hum.

How things have turned out in this rivalry.