Neither are going to play.

The best plan I've heard regarding Rob Gronkowski has to be from our own Brendan Annely. Rest Gronk until the second half of the Miami game and get him a bunch of touchdowns to scare the shit out of the rest of the league.

Maurice Jones-Drew isn't playing, and really why would he? Is it that important the Jaguars try to finish out the season with a worse draft pick at 4-12? Remember how MJD was holding out because he wanted an extension? Yeah, he's re-thinking that now.

Why would you want to sign an extension with a team with no foreseeable future? Also, why should the Jaguars care to give MJD a big pay day? So he can help them go 5-11 again?

One funny fact about Maurice Jones-Drew and the terrible Jaguars is that MJD still leads the team in rushing (414 yards) even though he's missed every game since Week 6.

Yeah, I don't think the Patriots need Gronk for this one?

Michael Saver 12/21/2012 02:38:00 PM Edit

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